Kensington Club Apartments

Kensington Club Apartments

Ground Up Build/Fire Restoration

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Kensington Club Apartments

Project Name: Kensington Club Apartments, 1330 Wabank Rd, Lancaster, PA 17603

Owner: The Solomon Organization

Architect: The Biber Partnership

Scheduled Completion Date: 1/30/23

Project: New construction 3-story building, 12 units and Renovations to Existing 3-story building, 12 units. Building #622 damaged beyond reconstruction, building #620 heavy smoke and water damaged that required new MEP’s and all finishes. Demolition was completed to existing framing.

Scope of Work: Building #622, new Construction 3-story from ground up multifamily building due to total loss from fire damage. The scope of work included demolition of the existing 3-story building 12 units wood construction brick face on concrete slab. Reconstruct new, foundation, footers and slab, wood framing per drawings with new truss floor and roof system to include all communal areas. Install new rubber roofing system, metals and gutters, masonry, window, doors, insulations, and finish carpentry. Install new MEP's systems per plans and spec for all kitchens, bathrooms and common areas, new utility taps completed from the street into the building to supply the sprinkler water supply, plumbing supply with main shutoff, and electrical services for power. Work also completed was fire sprinklers and alarms, Site work, retaining wall, new concrete sidewalk, walkway & ADA ramps, milling and asphalt, install new metal handrail system for all entrance into the buildings, sewer main repair and clean out for 12 units.

Multi-family Ground Up Build

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